Achieving best value for money webinar

Dr Roy Barton moderated a fascinating webinar earlier this month on Achieving best value for money, co-presented by the IVMA and University of Melbourne.

See the YouTube link at (you’ll need to copy and paste the link in your web browser until we get the hyperlink working).


The IVMA Board has convened many Conferences over the years and spread them across different states to help promote value management, value for money, and IVMA.  Past conferences have been held in Queensland, Tasmania, ACT and NSW.

Our present strategy is to have IVMA members speak at conferences organised by others, rather than convene our own conferences.

2018: Value and pursuing Value for Money

Roy Barton, President IVMA delivered papers on Value and pursuing Value for Money at a number of local and national industry conferences.

IVMA Conference – August 2015

An example of the current strategy saw the Institute partner with Quest Events to present a new-format 3-day event.

The feedback from participants was positive and we are planning how best to get IVMA’s value and value for money messages to larger audiences.

The conference featured quality and challenging speakers presenting real-world case studies on how you should (and should not) pursue value for money outcomes.

A Master Class on value and value for  money delivered by Dr Roy Barton, President of IVMA attracted representatives of a range of private and public sector bodies from across Australia and Asia.

Further details of the conference are available at:

Videoconference seminars

The Institute began a series of videoconference seminars that typically present a case study for about 20 minutes, followed by a participant discussion about positives and negatives, lessons learned, and how they have or would apply the learnings from the session.

See the home page for details of any planned, upcoming podcasts and/or videoconference seminars.