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Note 5: Breakthroughs By Focusing On Value

A whole new concept became clear I was reminded recently about a VM workshop that I conducted a few years ago. The focus of the study was a proposed new bridge and approach roads in the city of Lower Hutt in New Zealand. The study produced a quite remarkable outcome. I vividly recall the closing comments of the chief engineer responsible for the project. He said, “We’ve [...]

Note 5: Breakthroughs By Focusing On Value2019-08-17T05:07:36+10:00

Note 4: Long Term Value Is An Option

Earlier this year, my colleague, Mark Neasbey and I conducted a particularly interesting Value Management study of proposed major new health facilities in Singapore. One thing that made the study so interesting was a proposal to spend several million dollars extra over the project budget to enable significant flexibility and change over the next 20 years or so. Value Management and, in particular, Value Engineering, is often [...]

Note 4: Long Term Value Is An Option2019-08-17T05:06:31+10:00

Note 3: The Language Of Value (continued)

In the last note, I said that “our value management approach provides a systematic way of seeking to find the best “value for money” solution.” Our understanding and definitions of “value” and “value for money” are central to this. Here’s a recent example. I recently ran a Value Management workshop, together with my colleague, Mark Neasbey. It was a really interesting exercise, the purpose of which was [...]

Note 3: The Language Of Value (continued)2019-08-17T05:05:51+10:00

Note 2: The Language Of Value (continued)

We’re talking about the “language of “value” in this current series of notes. I mentioned last time that the language of “value” is really important to us in Value Management: and not only to us, but to anyone who is interested in the topic of “value for money” which is really most people on earth! Philosophers have debated the subject of “value” for centuries and there is [...]

Note 2: The Language Of Value (continued)2019-08-17T05:04:11+10:00

Note 1: The Language Of Value

Welcome to this series of short notes. My intention is to offer visitors to this website “something to think about”. The notes will be very informal and “chatty” but always containing a point or principle that I hope you will be able to take away and think about. I’ll post a new note every two weeks or so and I urge readers to visit the site to [...]

Note 1: The Language Of Value2019-08-17T05:02:59+10:00

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