The Institute Of Value Management Australia aims to provide both the public, and its members, a resource to understand, foster, and facilitate achieving value across a range of industries and projects. The Institute provides education platforms, training, and reviewed information to help you find ways of ensuring you can maximise the value output of your efforts.

Call for Member Directors

In order to continue to fulfil the above aims, the IVMA Board now calls for nominations from eligible IVMA members for the vacant positions of Member Director in accordance with the provisions of Rule 35 d) of the IVMA Constitution.

Nominations are sought for up to five eligible members to join the Board which can contain up to eight Member Directors. Member Directors hold office for terms of two years and may serve up to four consecutive terms. Within the four term period Member Directors may re-nominate immediately.

Pursuant to Rule 34 b) of the Constitution 50% of the current Member Directors must stand down at the 2022 AGM (19 October 2022 at 3:00pm – further details will be provided separately). Consequently, Roy Barton, John Bushell, Ted Smithies and Mark Neasbey have agreed to step down. Gerrard Young, Colin Davies and Michael Ord will maintain their Board positions.

To assist Members, key details for consideration include:

  • Copy of the IVMA Constitution is available on the IVMA website.
  • Rule 32 (a) and Rule 11(a)2(i): Member’s eligibility as Directors defined.
  • Rule 35 (b): An eligible Member who wishes to stand for election as a Director must be financial at the time of nomination and be nominated by 2 Members eligible to stand for election.
  • Rules 32 and 35: Each of the present Member Directors who have advised they will stand down at the AGM is eligible to nominate for one of the vacant positions.
  • Rule 35 (c): The nomination shall be in writing, contain the consent of the Member to be a Director of IVMA and be signed by that nominated Member and the nominating Members.
  • Rule 35 f): A nominated Member may submit with their nomination letter, an optional supporting resume of not more than 150 words. Such a resume may (i) only include details relating to the candidate’s qualifications and relevant experience, the candidate’s contribution to IVMA, and key issues the candidate sees as facing IVMA, (ii) must not endorse, disparage or otherwise refer to any other candidate or any other Director, (iii) must not contain anything that is defamatory, and (iv) must comply with any applicable by-laws or regulations set by the Board.
  • Nominations for Member Director must be lodged with the Secretary at between 5 August 2022 and COB 9 September 2022.
  • The details of Nominees for the vacant Member Director positions together with any supporting resume they supply will be issued to all Members together with the formal notice of AGM.

This is your Institute, so please seriously consider nomination

What is “Value for Money” really about?

Value for money is something that we all desire yet all too often this remains only a statement of hope.

To demonstrate value for money requires a comparison – something can only be seen as better (or worse) value for money relative to something else.

The Value Management process provides a robust way to both achieve and evidence better or even best value for money.

In Australia the Value Management process has robust structure and professional support available through:

  • the Australian Standard for Value Management AS4183:2007
  • the Institute of Value Management Australia Limited to assist and provide professional assurance to government, industry and the marketplace in their efforts to understand value and how to achieve best value for money.

The Institute of Value Management fosters a community of interest in value and value for money, establishes training templates, accredits the professional standing of specialist Value Management practitioners, demands the allegiance of professionals to codes of behaviour and practice, and strives to be the voice on value for money nationally.


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