Two IVMA-endorsed member-only publications are now available to current financial members:

  • An Organisational Guideline for Achieving Best Value for Money (Sep 22)
  • Value for Money Labs (Mar 24).

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The following are links to conference presentations, case studies and papers relating to the application and practice of value management.

Value Management in Infrastructure Projects in in Western Australia

Andrew Whyte & Carlo Cammarano

Value and risk: twin powers

Henry (Harry) Gough

Value, values and value for money

Roy Barton

Price versus Value Management – Know the Difference

Thomas Nagle, Ph.D

A critical review of value management and whole life costing on construction projects

Lateef A, Olanrewaju

When is a Value Management Study not a Value Management Study

Roy Barton

Value engineering trends in the construction industry

Jillian K Seidel

Designing out risk

John Bushell

Activity based funding of assets

Henry (Harry) Gough

Value Management – a vehicle for project and team learning

Roy Barton and Jim Wilson

Value analysis and value engineering basics for purchasing professionals

Michael A. McGinnis

Integration of Value Management and Risk Management

Ahmed R, Bushell J and Chileshe N

The use of function analysis as the basis of value management in the Australian construction industry

Spaulding, Bridge and Skitmore

Value Management: achieving the impossible on time

Henry (Harry) Gough

Appraisal of Value Engineering in Construction in Southeast Asia

Charles Y.J Cheah and Seng Kiong Ting

Value management in practice

Therese Daddow and Martin Skitmore

Getting better value for money from specialist consultants

David Baguley

Value for money in a whole-of-government context

Roy Barton

Journal of Value Management

Hong Kong Institute of Value Management

What are we paying for? What does it do? Are we getting value for money?

Henry (Harry) Gough

Quality and value management in construction

Ong Hock Tek

Emerging delivery models and procurement’s role

Paul Millet

Pursuing best value for money in procurement

Roy Barton

Collaborating to deliver better value

Henry (Harry) Gough

Towards the integration of risk and value management

A. Zillante Ranesh, and N. Chileshe

Value Management – an optimum solution

Corne P. de Leeuw

Value Analysis Value Engineering

Nick Rich and Matthias Holweg

Back to basics – an overview of Value Management

Roy Barton

Better outcomes in capital works through strategic procurement

Matthew Rae

Integration of risk management and value management – an Australian case study

Ahmed Ranesh, John Bushell and Nicholas Chileshe

What is Value Management?

Henry (Harry) Gough

Applying value for money methodologies over the total project delivery process

Michael Ord

Procurement of infrastructure and capital works

Mark Travers

Value optimisation in infrastructure and capital works procurement

Nigel Chamier

Implementing Value Management as a Decision Making Tool in the Design and Build Construction Projects: A Methodology for Improved Cost Optimisation

M. Saifulnizam and V. Coffey

World Bank procurement framework

Christopher Browne