Australian government, industry, consumers and professions have access to the Australian Standard for Value Management AS4183:2007. Initially released in 2007, the Standard was recently reviewed and found to remain current and relevant to its purpose.

This Standard is a critical document for the understanding and practice of Value Management in an Australian context.

Many neighbouring countries reference and/or utilise the Australian Standard as a basis for practice within their jurisdictions.

Value Management Standard AS4183:2007

The Standard contains key definitions, applications and links to other processes related to Value Management (including economic and financial appraisal as well as risk management techniques). The Standard also defines the principles of Value Management, and for delivering and following up a Value Management Study. In addition, the Standard also describes the work of a Value Analyst who may work alone.

Standards Australia manages all Australian Standards documentation. Although the Institute participated in the preparation of the initial 1994 and subsequent 2007 Australian Standard for Value Management, the Institute cannot reproduce or supply copies of or content from AS4183:2007. Information about Australia Standards can be found here.

Other nations and the European Union have their own standards and with which the Value Management work carried out in those jurisdictions must comply.