The IVMA Directors decided that as a small not for profit organisation the limited resources available to the Institute are best deployed directly to serve the objectives of the Institute. It was therefore agreed in 2013 that the IVMA would operate under a different arrangement and business model in the future.

The Institute as restructured, continues to have no formal office premises and no employees, thus avoiding significant overheads. However, the Institute is now formally constituted as an ASIC registered company limited by guarantee, has a clear purpose and identity and retains a small team of dedicated contractors, consultants, suppliers and outsources to serve the needs of the institute.

Currently these include The Association Specialists (TAS), our 'front office/back office' membership service providers, based in North Sydney. A number of other resources are also used as needed.

All the outsourced service providers used by IVMA are directly accountable to Board committees and therefore to the IVMA Board of Directors.