2018: Advanced advice regarding Nomination of Member Directors:

The Constitution sets a number of time-bars in relation to the Call for Nominations and the Annual General Meeting.  The IVMA Board decided that the 2018 AGM shall be in October 2018 and so the following key dates form the required timeline:

29 June 2018: formal Call for Nominations of Member Directors;
3 August 2018: Earliest submission date for Nominations in the formal required;
5 September 2018: Latest submission date for Nominations in the format required;
18 September 2018: Formal notice of AGM details, date, matters for voting and materials from nominees.

Currently IVMA has 8 Member Directors, the maximum allowed. With half of the members needing to step down annually the Board has discussed the issue of continuity having in mind the other Constitution requirement for a maximum number of four (4) two year terms before Member Directors need to step down for at least one period.  With this in mind Alan Butler (Secrerary) and John Bushell (Chair of the Publications and Events Committee) have already advised that they will be stepping down.

Two other current Member Directors will also be stepping down and their names will be confirmed forthwith.



2017  What we did - Nomination of Member Directors

IVMA may have up to 8 Member Directors and so, this year, we sought up to 4 members to nominate as a Member Director and to lead and manage the Institute.

Member Directors may hold office for terms of two (2) years and up to four (4) consecutive terms. Within the four term period Member Directors may re-nominate immediately.  Pursuant to Rule 34 b) of the Constitution four (4) of the current Member Directors need to stand down at the 2017 AGM.

Consequently, Alan Butler, Ted Smithies, Colin Davies and John Bushell stepped down for this election period while Roy Barton, Malcolm Hall, Mark Neasbey and Michael Ord maintained their Board positions.

The 2017 AGM was held on 12 October 2017 and a formal notice was issued.

The Board, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 35. d) of the Constitution, called for nominations from eligible Members of IVMA for the vacant positions of Member Director.

To assist Members, key details for consideration were circulated, including:

  1. Copy of the IVMA Constitution is available on this page
  2. Member's eligibility as potential Directors is as defined in Rule 32(a) and Rule 11(a)2(i)
  3. An eligible Member who wishes to stand for election as a Director must be financial at the time of nomination and be nominated by 2 Members eligible to stand for election – see Rule 35 (b);
  4. Each of the present Member Directors who have advised they will retire at the 2017 AGM is eligible to nominate for one of the four (4) vacant positions – see Rules 32 and 35;
  5. The nomination shall be in writing, contain the consent of the Member to be a Director of IVMA and be signed by that candidate and the two nominating Members – see Rule 35 (c);
  6. A nominated candidate may submit with their nomination letter, a supporting resume of not more than 150 words – see Rule 35 f).

Such resume:

  1. may only include details in relation to:
    1. the candidate's qualifications and relevant experience;
    2. the candidate's contribution to IVMA; and
    3. key issues the candidate sees as facing IVMA;
  2. must not endorse, disparage or otherwise refer to any other candidate or any other Director;
  3. must not contain anything that is defamatory; and
  4. must comply with any applicable by-laws or regulations set by the Board.
  5. Valid nominations for the position of Member Director needed to be lodged with the Secretary no earlier than 3 August 2017 and no later than CoB 5 September 2017 – see Contact addresses on the website.

The details of Nominees for the vacant Member Director positions together with any supporting resume they supplied was issued to all Members together with the formal notice of AGM. 

Remember, this is your Institute, so when these opportunities arise, please seriously consider nomination

Alan Butler, Secretary