AGM held on 12th october 2017

The Annual General Meeting of Members of Institute of Value Management Australia Limited has to be held prior to 30 November.

member Directors confirmed

Four (4) Member Director positions were declared vacant for the 2017 AGM and nominations were received from:

  • John Bushell;
  • Alan Butler
  • Colin Davies
  • Ted Smithies
    All four were voted onto the IVMA Board unanimously.

the new board of directors is: 

  1. Mark Neasbey, MIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator***
  2. Roy Barton, HonFIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator**
  3. John Bushell, FIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator*
  4. Alan Butler, HonFIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator*
  5. Colin Davies, MIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator*
  6. Edward (Ted) Smithies, FIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator*
  7. Michael Ord, MIVMA, Accredited VMS Facilitator**
  8. Clifford (Malcolm ) Hall, MIVMA ***

*Alan, Colin, John and Ted were voted onto the Board in 2014 and 2017
** Roy and Michael were voted onto the Board in 2014 and 2016
*** Mark and Malcolm were voted onto the Board in 2016

Download 2017 AGM record here

Download 2017 AGM Report here

Alan Butler
Secretary IVMA